Ruggable Washing Instructions

The best rugs are soft, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. They transform the look and feel of a room, making it cozier and more cohesive. Homes are easier to clean because the rugs trap dirt and stains.

While the home is easier to clean, the reverse is correct for the rug, and this is why we love our machine washable, functional, nonslip, and stylish Ruggables. We love how easy it is to separate the rug cover from the rug pad, toss it in the washer, and reattach it after washing. We also love how we can easily spot clean and vacuum when we get dirt or stains on our rugs. 

How to Wash Your Ruggable Rug

Ruggable Washing Instructions

Washing a ruggable is effortless, but you must ensure your rugs fit in your washer. 

Functionality and style are not the only metrics to consider when getting a washer. Getting a rug that can’t fit into a washer defeats the purpose of having an easily washable rug.

Spot clean

It is easy to clean your rug cover because ruggables are stain-resistant. As long as you spot clean the instant the mess happens or shortly after, your rug will remain impeccable.

The steps:

  1. Remove the solid debris with a condemned spoon.
  2. Get rid of excess liquid with a paper towel. You can also use a white or color-fast towel for this step.
  3. Mix your preferred cleaning agent in a spray bottle or a small bowl. Cleaning agents for spot cleaning ruggable covers can be mild, non-bleach detergent, or cold water mixed with dishwashing liquid.
  4. Use a separate white or color-fast towel to dab the stain gently. Wet the towel with the cleaning agent before dabbing. Alternatively, pour the cleaning agent directly on the stained area and dab with the towel.
  5. Rinse the area with clean cold water and gently dab until the water and soap suds are gone.
  6. Repeat this process with any other stain you find on the rug cover.
  7. Place a large towel on your rug cover and leave it for 30 minutes to dry. After thirty minutes, leave the rug cover to air-dry. Turn on the fan to speed up the drying process.

Always perform a patch test of the spot cleaning agent on a small area of the rug cover to see the effects before use.

Washing Ruggables in a Washer

Sometimes, you get large stains you can’t remove by spot cleaning, or maybe it’s just time for your regular rug cleaning. You don’t have to get professional rug cleaners or heavy equipment that can take time, energy, and money.

You merely wash your ruggable with a washer, and it will be as good as new in a few hours.

The steps:

  1. Peel the rug cover from the rug pad because ruggable rug pads are not machine washable.
washing ruggable
  1. Set the washer to the “delicate wash cycle” and cold water setting. Any other “setting” can damage the rug cover’s structure and color.
  2. Pour in mild, non-bleach detergent. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
  3. Add ½ cup of white vinegar to help remove tough stains and deodorize the rug cover.
  4. Place the rug cover inside the washer with the design or pile side facing out. If the design or pile side is facing inwards, a small patch of dirt might be hidden inside after the wash. Also, do not fold the rug; it will not wash properly.
  5. Start the wash. You can set an extra rinse cycle so that the soap removes completely.
  6. After washing, if you can still see stains, run another wash cycle.
  7. Dry your rug cover.


Sometimes, all your rug cover needs is a vacuum, especially the outdoor rug.

It is crucial to select the appropriate vacuum setting when you want to clean your ruggable rug cover. Set your vacuum to the “low suction” and “high pile height” settings, or in some vacuums, the “high carpet” setting.

Make sure your vacuum’s brush has a soft bristle. It is gentle on the rug cover and fluffs up as you vacuum.  

Gently run your vacuum in a straight movement, but stay away from the edges. Vacuuming the rug cover edges can cause the rug to curl, and once your rug curls, it will be hellish to fix.

Dry your Ruggable Rug Covers

You can either tumble-dry or air-dry your ruggable rug covers, whether the Chenille, the Outdoor, or the Re-Jute rug covers. Though you should not tumble dry Plush and Shag rug covers. Preferably, hang them outside to air dry.  

Tumble drying

  1. Place your rug cover in the dryer with the design or pile side out.
  2. Use the lowest heat setting. High heat will ruin your rug cover’s stability. You can also use the air fluff setting if available on your dryer.
  3. Start drying. 
  4. When the dry cycle is over, check to see if your rug cover is dry and if there are wet spots left. If wet spots are hidden, especially in the case of large rug covers, run another dry cycle. 

Air drying

Hang your rug cover on a drying rack or a drying line outside your house. Make sure you stretch the rug.

The size of your rug cover and the weather conditions will determine how long it will take for your rug cover to dry. It typically takes 1 – 2 days for your rug to air dry.

You may experience shedding with new ruggable plush rug covers, but the shedding will reduce over time.

When your rug cover is dry, reattach it to the rug pad.

How to Clean your Ruggable Rug Pad

Remember to clean your rug pad almost as often as your rug cover. Some days, you will vacuum the top and bottom of the rug pad. Other days, you will spot clean. Then, there are times when you have to do a deep clean to remove the odor.

Although ruggable rug pads are not machine washable, you still have to clean them.


For a hasty cleaning, vacuum your rug pad with the handheld part of the vacuum. Conversely, when you want to deep clean, remove the rug pad, vacuum-clean the floor, and then the rug pad.

After vacuuming, if your rug pad is still dirty or you notice stains, you have to spot clean.

Spot Clean

  1. Mix your preferred cleaning agent in a spray bottle or a small bowl. The cleaning agent you should use to spot clean your rug pad is dishwashing liquid mixed with cold water and white vinegar. The vinegar is perfect for deodorizing. Make sure there is no bleach.
  2. Use a white or color-fast towel to dab the rug pad. Pour the cleaning agent directly on the stain and then dab with the towel.
  3. Rinse the area with clean cold water, dabbing till the water and soap suds are gone.
  4. If there are still stains on the rug pad, repeat this process till they are gone.
  5. Leave the rug pad to dry.

Deep Clean

  1. Take your rug pad outside and place it in a vertical position. Don’t bend it.
  2. Pour cold water into a small bowl. Add a mild non-bleach detergent and mix till it foams.
  3. Pour a little soap solution on the rug pad and gently clean with a white or color-fast towel or a soft brush.
  4. Rinse with clean cold water.
  5. Leave the rug pad in the same position to air-dry.

Ruggable care tips 

  1. Wash or spot clean your rug cover immediately after any stains, spills, or accidents to stop them from setting permanently.
  2. Vacuum your rug every day to keep it clean and maintain its structure.
  3. Use a pet odor neutralizer to keep your rug smelling fresh.
  4. Wash your rugs at least once a year. As for the ones in high traffic areas, wash every few months.

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