Tulip Tie-Dye Washing Instructions

Tulip Tie-Dye kits are the go-to choice for many because they are affordable, kid-friendly, and effortless. Tie-dye lovers of different skill levels – beginner or advanced – can use these kits to create a perfectly designed shirt.

How to Wash Tulip Tie-Dye

How to Wash Tulip Tie-Dye

Washing your shirt after tie-dyeing is crucial. You have to be careful not to mess this up or risk destroying what you’ve just spent hours creating.

Getting this delicate but simple process right guarantees you those bold and eccentric patterns you love.

First Wash

Wash your new tie-dye after it has set for six to eight hours. The first wash is crucial to how your Tulip tie-dye will turn out. If you overwash, the colors will fade away or ruin the design, but if you under wash, the colors will muddy the water and stain other clothing.

Note that the color of your shirt will lighten after washing. This lightening is why the color setting period is vital during tie-dyeing.

Take your time washing for the first time to prevent the colors from fading too much. It’s recommended not to wash your tulip tie-dye with other white or bright clothing for the first few washes.

Rinse your Tie-Dye Shirt

tie dye shirt

Rinse the shirt under running water with the rubber bands/ties still tied.

Rinsing will remove the leftover excess tulip tie-dye. It will also prevent the colors from transferring to other clothing or surfaces.

  • Put on gloves and an apron/old cloth.
  • Set your tie-dye in a sink, bucket, or outside on a flat surface.
  • Turn on your tap or garden hose (depending on your work surface)
  • Rinse your shirt continuously under the running water for a few minutes or until the water from the shirt is clear.
  • Untie your shirt and continue washing till the water runs clear.
  • You can also soak it in water for thirty minutes to ensure the shirt stops bleeding color. Although, this is optional.

Wash your Tie-Dye Shirt

Immediately after rinsing your tie-dye shirt, wash it. Do not waste time, or you can ruin your new design. No matter how long you rinse your new tie-dye shirt, the color will still bleed out, although in significantly smaller amounts.

Wash your tie-dye shirt by itself or with similarly-colored tie-dye clothing. Do not overload your washer, or the water will muddy, causing problems.

After washing your shirt four or five consecutive times on its own, it should be ready to enter the laundry with other clothes. You can continue to take the extra precaution if you prefer.

Machine Washing Tulip Tie-Dye

Machine Washing Tulip Tie-Dye
  1. Put the washer on the cold water setting. Coldwater enhances the colors’ intensity. Follow the instructions on the shirt’s care label for adequate settings. However, hot water washes color tremendously, so you probably want to avoid this, especially for the first wash.
  2. Set the “delicate” wash cycle. After a few washes, you can use the “normal” wash or continue with the “delicate” wash cycle.
  3. Make sure to use a color-fast laundry detergent. This type of laundry detergent will maintain the color of the shirt and ensure it doesn’t bleed too much. Avoid fabric softeners and color bleach; they can cause the tie-dye color to fade.
  4. Wash your tie-dye shirt on its own at first, but if you must, wash with other tie-dye clothing of similar colors. Do not overload the washer.
  5. Turn your shirt inside out to protect it from the washer’s agitation, which can damage the tie-dye design.
  6. When the wash cycle is over, remove the shirt immediately because if you leave your tie-dye shirt in the washer, especially when it’s wet. It will bleed continuously, effectively ruining your design.
  7. Dry your shirt.

Hand Washing Tulip Tie-Dye

This tie-dye washing method is preferred by many because it is a milder way of washing your new tie-dye shirt. Tulip tie-dye contains soda ash, which eliminates the need for that extra step ensuring a properly-colored shirt.

When washing your tie-dye shirt by hand, you don’t have to worry about transferring color to other clothing because you can easily do the one shirt on its own.

It is also very convenient to start washing immediately after rinsing. Sometimes, in the same bucket.

  1. Put on your gloves and an apron/old cloth. This step is a way to prevent stains on your hands and clothes. Although, as you continue to wash your shirt and the color stops bleeding, this will no longer be necessary.
  2. Fill up a basin or a bucket with water. You can use a sink or a bathtub, but you risk dye stains.
  3. Use a mild liquid laundry detergent. This detergent produces fewer suds, which reduces rinse time. A reduced rinse time reduces the friction you will apply to your new tie-dye shirt.
  4. Use your hands to swish the water till it becomes soapy and foamy.
  5. Submerge your shirt into the water and leave it to soak for thirty minutes.
  6. Gently squeeze and agitate the shirt. Color will bleed. This bleeding is normal, and it will continue for subsequent washes.
  7. Transfer the shirt to another bucket with clean water. Rinse the tie-dye shirt as you rinsed it the first time, gently and carefully, till the water runs clear.
  8. Use your hands to press the shirt, gently removing the water.
  9. Use a clean towel to dry the shirt. Place the towel on a flat surface, then lay the tie-dye shirt on top of the towel. Roll the towel with the shirt inside. Be sure it’s tight.
  10. Gently press the towel to remove the water.
  11. Remove the shirt from the towel and dry it.

Dry your Tulip Tie-Dye Shirt

It is better and more manageable to air-dry your tie-dye shirt after washing it for the first time. Hanging the shirt will help keep the colors in place. There will be no danger of a smudged design.

When you put a wet tie-dye shirt in the dryer, it bunches up before it starts to dry, causing the color to bleed and the patterns to get smudged.

You can air-dry your shirt and later transfer it to the dryer. However, avoiding the dryer for your tie-dye shirt is better until after multiple washes.

If you must use your dryer, do not put dryer sheets or tennis balls and check to see the instruction on the fabric’s label.

The Iron Test

You have finished washing and drying your tie-dye shirt. However, you are still not sure if the color of the shirt will stain other items. Use an iron to test this.

  1. Place your shirt on an ironing board.
  2. Place a white piece of clothing over it.
  3. Use a hot iron to iron the white clothing on the tie-dye shirt.
  4. If there is still color on the white clothing after ironing, it is still bleeding color from the shirt, and you need to rewash.
  5. If there is no color on the white clothing, your shirt is ready for you to wear.

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