Thinx Washing Instructions and Care

Thinx is an ultra-absorbent and odor-neutralizing period underwear that brings a little comfort to the most uncomfortable days of the month. This revolutionary product has quickly become a popular choice across the country.

There are many options based on style and flow volume, and Thinx has a library full of resources to make the entire experience better

Part of the allure of Thinx is that it is reusable and washable, and with the proper care, it can last for months, if not years.

Luckily, washing your Thinx is incredibly easy.

How to Wash Thinx


Understand that your Thinx is just like any underwear or delicates you have and that you can follow the same wash procedure. You can either machine wash your Thinx or hand wash them.

Machine Washing Thinx

  1. Place the Thinx into the washer.

You can place your Thinx underwear into the washer with your regular underwear. However, separate them by color so there won’t be color transfer from one to the other. Place the underwear into a mesh bag before putting it in the washer if you want to be extra cautious about preserving the fabric.

Don’t worry about transferring bloodstains to the other laundry items in the washer but to be sure, rinse your Thinx underwear with cold water before placing it in the washer.

  1. Laundry Additives

Reduce rinse time by using a delicate laundry detergent, preferably the type that produces little detergent suds. Shorter rinse times put less strain on the underwear, reducing the possibility of damage.

Another thing that can cause damage to the underwear is fabric softener. Never put fabric softener when washing your Thinx underwear; it can destroy the elasticity. Fabric softener can also break down the built-in gusset technology in the underwear rendering its absorbency and odor neutralizer useless.

Bleach can also damage your Thinx underwear, so ensure to avoid it.

  1. Wash Settings
how to wash thinx

The “delicate” wash cycle will wash your Thinx underwear properly with reduced friction. This wash cycle will ensure you have clean underwear after washing with no damage.

Put the washer on the “cold water” setting because cold water will preserve the color of the underwear and prevent excessive color bleeding.

Per your preference, use an extra rinse cycle to ensure the underwear has no detergent suds left.

  1. Start the wash.

When the wash cycle is over, check for stains. If there is a stain – which is unlikely, run another wash cycle.

  1. Dry your Thinx.

Remove the underwear from the washer the minute the wash cycle ends to prevent color bleeding and damage to the fabric.

Hand Washing Thinx

You can hand-wash your Thinx if you don’t have access to a washer. After all, hand washing your underwear does better to preserve and protect its elasticity.

  1. Pour cold water into a large bowl or a bathtub. It should be cool to the touch and almost at room temperature.
  2. Pour in mild laundry detergent. Check the label to know the amount of detergent you should use during the wash. Agitate the water to form soapy suds.
  3. Gently place your Thinx underwear into the soapy water and leave them for five minutes before washing them delicately. Squeeze gently and put them in another large bowl.
  4. After washing, fill the other large bowl with cold water and rinse the underwear properly to remove all the suds. Continue rinsing with cold water till there are no suds left.
  5. Squeeze the underwear gently to remove the excess water. Flap to get rid of wrinkles.
  6. Dry your underwear.

Thinx Drying Instructions

Thinx Washing Instructions and Care

Always air-dry your Thinx underwear. The agitation and extensive heat from tumble drying will damage the underwear over time, reducing its lifespan. Though, you can tumble dry one or two times.

Hang your Thinx underwear outside on a clothesline or a drying rack. Place the drying rack outside or in a well-ventilated room. You can also hang your underwear to dry on a shower rod.

Do not use a hanger or hook to hang the underwear. Rather lay it flat to prevent damaging the elasticity.

Your Thinx underwear should take about 10 to 12 hours to completely dry. This estimated drying time depends on the underwear material you are drying. The weather, humidity level, and airflow can also affect drying time. You can use a dehumidifier to speed up drying time if you are drying indoors.

Care Tips

  1. Rinse your Thinx underwear immediately after use, wait till they dry, and place them in a distinctive mesh bag till you’re ready to do your laundry. When your period is over, you can wash and dry them at once.
  2. Do not iron or stretch your Thinx; it will damage the elasticity of its seams.
  3. Soak your underwear in cold water mixed with half a cup of vinegar for 30 minutes before washing to deodorize them.
  4. Immediately deal with any accidents that happen while using your Thinx underwear.

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