How to Use Laundry Pods

Most people habitually use liquid or washing powder. Many aren’t even unaware that laundry pods are rightly considered more effective than other detergent types.

Today, mainstream manufacturers produce different variety of laundry pods for white and colored fabrics, but for certain reasons, these pods are not trusted by some percentage of the population.

How To Use Laundry Pods and Capsules

Laundry Pods
Laundry Pods

If you’ve just joined the pod train, here’s how to use them:

Place 1 pod capsule at the bottom of your washing machine drum (in the middle), and put the clothes on top. Ensure you separate your fabrics by their relevant color to prevent avoidable stains on fabrics.

Select the appropriate mode. It is important to remember that laundry pods can handle complex contaminants in low-temperature conditions. So it will still work efficiently even if you usually rinse at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Start by pressing the button to turn on the machine, and wait until the end of the wash cycle.

Advantages Of Washing Capsules

Due to the innovative composition, the pod components exceed the common capabilities of your everyday detergent by 2-2.5 times.

After washing with laundry pods, you will notice no bright spots or stains. The capsules’ non-fluid composition is very convenient if the washing machine is installed in the kitchen and not in the bathroom.

The indisputable advantage of using pods is that it already includes a concentrated conditioner. Many people mistakenly talk about its high price but don’t forget that dusting and rinsing have always turned out to be more expensive.

Another advantage to note here is that it is an innovative product suitable for washing delicate fabrics. Capsules are used to process underwear from expensive materials that are usually hand washed. The composition also handles complex contaminants in silk, suede, and linen products.

The content of a regular laundry pod is enough for thoroughly washing all things. It doesn’t matter if your fabrics weigh 7 or 16 pounds.

When washing clothes with laundry pods, you do not need to turn on the rinse because the pod composition is light on your fabrics and can be rinsed off from your clothes during a normal wash. In addition, the product dissolves easily in water at a minimum temperature in a short time (about 86 degrees Fahrenheit and below).

Another advantage of laundry pods as compared to detergent is their cost-effectiveness.

The Disadvantages Of Capsules For Washing

Any innovative product will always be prone to critical reviews by its users and competitors. The main disadvantage going by what many people have said is the inability to break a capsule into 2 or 3 parts.

Such a need arises in cases where the drum is not clogged even by 1/3. From the above, we can conclude that regular washing of things in a small amount will negatively affect the user’s wallet.

As mentioned earlier, laundry pods for washing are distinguished by their high price, unlike our everyday detergent.

Many people also report their laundry smell intensifies after washing with laundry pods.

Not all individuals can just use laundry pods for washing, as most household fabrics do not require such a thorough approach. Powdered soap is useful for washing men’s “work” things. Laundry pods will be an excellent assistant in the fight against stains in more expensive fabric products.

Another significant disadvantage is the appearance of laundry pods is how to keep them out of the reach of your children. The product resembles a bath bomb or a water-filled silicone toy.

So little kids can inadvertently take a pod in their mouth, chew it, and then swallow it, leading to poisoning.

Popular Clothing Laundry Pods

There are several popular manufacturing companies that have proven themselves in the American market.

Ariel Active Gel

Ariel detergent pod

This product rightfully occupies a leading position in the list of best cleaning products. The company products work efficiently on not only colored but also perfectly fine on white fabrics.

Green laundry pods are designed for light-colored fabrics, while blue-violet ones are for colored linen (they restore shade and increase shine).

The popular laundry product manufacturer made the laundry pods to include a high-concentration gel and a powder that acts as bleach.

The Double blow variant removes the toughest stains in just a single wash. According to numerous consumer reviews, Ariel laundry pods do not destroy the structure of delicate fabrics. They retain color, add softness and promote easy ironing.


Tide pods

Despite the effectiveness of this product, the laundry pods leave an intense smell on clothes. It is difficult to remove, even after drying and wearing them completely.

Convenient and ergonomic packaging going by many reviews online, but you should not that these laundry pods are not designed for washing baby clothes.

Tide is most effective in removing old stains of blood, rust, wine, fuel, and lubricants. Also, the product perfectly maintains color, maintains fabric structure

Gain Flings Laundry Pods

Gain Flings Laundry Pods

The Gain Flings Laundry Pods are analogous compared to the aforementioned company Ariel; their quality and pricing policy is on the same level.

The capsule is divided into 2 sections; the first contains a stain remover, and the second – is a concentrated gel. Mostly, the pod is designed for washing colored fabrics, but it is also used for light clothing.

As a result, the composition is considered universal, eliminating the need for further soaking, boiling, or bleaching of things. The blue-colored “bombs” are placed in the washing machine drum and completely dissolve its content, leaving no stains.

Since this brand aims to become the first competitor to the popular manufacturer “Ariel,” the laundry pods have exactly the same properties:

  • Color retention
  • Better mask shine
  • Effective removal of complex contaminant

The Composition Of Laundry Pods For Washing

As a rule, all manufacturers adhere to a single formulating pattern regarding input components. High concentration gel for cleaning products and powder (or liquid) stain removers are key components.

Naturally, each manufacturer will attempt to stand out by creating its own separate and unique components. The latter include surfactants (non-ionic and anionic), flavored soaps and additives, enzymes, and phosphonates.

In addition to these components, the innovative composition of the pods includes optical brighteners designed specifically for products of a specific shade (dark-colored, light-colored, or plain colored).

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