Can You Wash Dry Clean Only?

Can You Wash Dry Clean Only? 

Washing delicate fabrics at home can be a bit tricky and require extra care. If you read the laundry symbol on your clothing you will find some to be labeled “dry clean only” including simple clothing items like t-shirts. 

How to Fold a Hoodie

Hoodies and sweatshirts are one of the most rigid fabrics to fold — they are bulky, oversized, and take up too much space. But, interestingly,…

Get bleach stains out of clothes

10 Ways to Get Bleach Stains Out of Clothes 

Bleach is made of a strong chemical that damages clothes by oxidizing their dye particles, making them appear colorless or yellowish, depending on the fabric they are made from; you could think of it as some factory reset.

How to wash squish mallows

How to Wash Squishmallows

Almost every child is in love with squish mallows; they love to sleep with them or drag them along when playing. It is quite the companion for children, so the squish mallows will often need washing.

Tulip Tie-Dye Washing Instruction

Tulip Tie-Dye Washing Instructions

Tulip Tie-Dye kits are the go-to choice for many because they are affordable, kid-friendly, and effortless. Tie-dye lovers of different skill levels – beginner or…

Stain Removal

washer dryer cycle

What is Tumble Dry Low?

Tumble drying is machine drying rather than hanging the fabrics in line outside. This method is called “Tumble Dry” because clothes tumble in the process of drying in the machine drum, where airflow and heat dry clothes quickly. But you should always note that not all fabrics are made to be tumble dried. This is…

How Long Does It Take to Wash and Dry Clothes?

Doing laundry is tiring because of the time needed to sort, wash, dry, and fold clothes. The chore can seem endless, which is correct for some scenarios. But, if you know the average time a laundry process lasts, it can help you get over the slump, and you will be well on your way to…

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