How to Wash a Milwaukee Heated Jacket

One of the significant challenges faced during the cold winter months is the issue of keeping warm while not going about with heavy layers of winter clothing.

The Milwaukee Heated Jackets solve this problem. They also come in cool designs that make you look cool while keeping you as warm as possible.

But the intricate wiring and design of the heated jacket make it one of the most delicate pieces of clothing out there. Washing these jackets requires the utmost care.

In this article, you’ll learn how to wash a Milwaukee heated jacket safely.

Milwaukee Heated Jacket Washing Instructions

Milwaukee Heated Jacket Washing Instructions

Milwaukee Heated Jackets have a battery and wiring setup designed to keep you warm to the right degree. 

Bad laundry practices will damage not only the jacket’s fabric but also its electric setup. Before you begin your laundry process, here are a few things you need to take note of:

Always Read the Fabric Care and Safety Instructions

When washing heated jackets, you are not just concerned about the fabric but also about the electric setup that keeps the jacket functional.

Always read the fabric care and safety instructions to avoid accidents like electrocution, fire, or forms of accidents.

Do Not Add Bleach to Your Jacket

Bleach is very disastrous for your heated jacket because they contain solvents that destroy the insulation of the heating element. Always wash the jacket with mild detergent and warm water.

Other cleaning solvents like fabric softeners and dry cleaning fluids also harm the jacket.

Avoid Placing Jacket Under High Temperature

Subjecting your heated jacket to high temperatures will damage the fabric and destroy its electronic setup.

Please do not put it in a dryer, do not iron it, and do not wash it in hot water. Maintain a cold to medium temperature at all times during the laundry process.

Always Maintain the Label and Nameplate on the Jacket.

The Label and Nameplate of the jacket contain vital information on how best to take care of the jacket. 

This information is so vital that Milwaukee clothing is offering to replace it if they become lost or unreadable.

Never Soak Battery in Water

It would be best to avoid soaking the battery with the rest of the jacket. Always disconnect the battery and cover the wiring in a special compartment in the jacket before washing.

If you accidentally soak the heated jacket with its battery, it has to be replaced.

How to Hand Wash a Milwaukee Heated Jacket

There are two ways you can wash a Milwaukee Jacket, and Handwashing is one of them. A significant advantage of this method is that it allows you greater control over the pressure you exert on your jacket during washing.

The steps below show how you can take to successfully and safely wash your heated jacket by hand:

Step One: Remove the Jacket’s Battery 

Never fail to remove the jacket’s battery before washing unless otherwise stated in the care label.

Also, tuck in all cables and ensure that you zip up every pocket to prevent leakage.

Step Two: Pre-treat any Outstanding Stains

Treat these stains first before washing if you notice any large stains on the jacket.

Add a little detergent to a small bowl of warm water. Then apply the detergent solution to the stained part and rub gently with a piece of cloth or soft brush.

Test the intended detergent on a hidden part of your jacket to be safe, just in case the detergent is too harsh for the jacket.

Step Three: Soak the Jacket in a Tub 

To handwash your jacket effectively and safely, you must soak it in a container with ample space. Your bathtub or any other large bowl is usually the best for this.

First, fill the tub with warm water and add some mild and natural detergent. Do not add bleach! Stir the water and detergent until they are thoroughly mixed.

Submerge the jacket in soapy water. Then go through every part of the jacket with a cloth or soft brush. Never wring out or squeeze your jacket so you don’t damage any of its delicate wiring or heating element.

Once you are done brushing the jacket, dispose of the soapy water. Fill the tub with clean water, and rinse the jacket a few times with cold water.

Step Four: Drying Your Heated Jacket

After rinsing, hang the jacket to dry in a well-ventilated space. Do not try to twist or wring out any excess water, which will damage the delicate wiring of the jacket.

And keep it out of your dryer unless permitted by your care options. Dryers can damage the heating system of most heated jackets, and air drying is the most preferred way of drying a Milwaukee Heated Jacket.

How to Machine Wash Your Milwaukee Heated Jacket

Another way you can wash your heated jacket is by using a washing machine. As with the other method, you must take precautions to protect its fabric and electric insulation system.

Here are the steps to take when washing your heated jacket with a washing machine:

Step One: Disconnect the Battery from the Jacket

As previously mentioned, always disconnect the battery from the jacket before it comes in contact with water.  

Also, ensure that the connector cables are carefully tucked away and covered. Ensure that you have completed zipped up all pockets.

Step Two: Place the Jacket Inside a Mesh Bag

wash your Milwaukee Heated Jacket in 
a Mesh laundry bags

Mesh laundry bags are heat-resistant bags used to protect the delicate fabric of some clothes. They allow water to pass through but reduce the pressure exerted on the object in them.

Putting your jacket in a mesh bag will further protect your heated jacket’s fabric and its delicate heating mechanism.

Step Three: Add Jacket to Your Washing Machine

Washing machines with no central agitators are known for exerting less pressure on clothes and so are ideal for washing heated jackets.

However, if you have one with a central agitator, you can still use them, provided you place your jacket in a mesh bag.

Run the machine gently to reduce strain on the jacket and wash it in cold water. Do not add any harsh chemical solvents like fabric softeners and especially bleach.

Remove the jacket from the machine immediately after the wash cycle is complete to avoid wrinkle formation. Remember you can’t iron your jacket, so wrinkles are not a good look.

Step Four: Drying the Heated Jacket

There are several options for drying your jacket when you remove it from the machine but using a drying machine isn’t one of them.

Drying machines are terrible for the insulating system of the machine, so you shouldn’t even risk them.

Instead, hang it on a clothesline to dry. Do not squeeze or twist to remove excess water, or the internal wiring will suffer.

You can also try placing the jacket on a towel and rolling it over at intervals until the towel begins absorbing some of the water from the jacket. Then you can hang it on a clothesline to dry.

Once the jacket is completely dry, it is ready for use.

Step Five: Storing a Milwaukee Heated Jacket

Once you are through with washing your jacket, you will need to store it appropriately for future use.

Ensure that you store your jacket in a properly ventilated place. The temperature should be about 77-79°F, keeping the battery in proper working condition. 

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