How to do Laundry When it’s Freezing

Doing laundry in summer is very easy. You just load the machine, spin, dry, and leave them in the sun. It’s a different case when the weather is freezing. It can be quite challenging to get your clothes dried, and it’s not like you have the option to keep your laundry until the freezing weather is over. In this article, we go through some tips to wash your clothes during winter. 

Is it Ok to Wash Clothes When It’s Freezing Outside?

When the temperature is below 0oC or 32oF, then the weather is freezing. To answer the question, it is okay to do your laundry in freezing weather. However, you need to follow the right tips to ensure your laundry is done carefully. Freezing weather can damage your machine and clothes if you don’t do it the right way. 

Tips to Do Laundry When It’s Freezing Outside

Laundry Basket

Here are some tips for doing your laundry the right way when the temperature is freezing: 

1: Keep Detergent In a Cool and Dry Place

Laundry detergent can freeze at temperatures below 12 degrees Fahrenheit or (-11°C). With this, it becomes less effective for your laundry. A good idea is to store your laundry detergent at 50 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit or (10-25°C).

2: Give Your Clothes an Extra Spin 

Washing Machine Spin Level

Drying clothes in the winter is quite difficult, so you need to look for ways to eliminate water as much as possible. A good laundry tip idea is to give your clothes an extra spin to remove more water from the clothes and reduce drying time. However, you should note that some fabrics can not withstand an extra spin. While jeans and beddings can go through an extra spin, delicate fabric materials like silk cannot. 

3: The Gentler, The Better

If you are machine washing your clothes in winter, it’s best to fix the settings to the gentle cycle.

4: Don’t Overfill the Machine

Overloading the machine will leave the clothes damper at the end of the wash, and they will take longer to dry. 

5: Treat Stains Quickly 

Salt, mud, and slush stains in winter can damage fabrics if not treated immediately. An excellent way to treat stains is by dampening the area and adding some stain remover. Leave for about 15 minutes, and then wash it off. Another alternative is using vinegar or lemon juice without stain removal. 

Drying Tips

cloth drying tips

One of the concerns about washing in winter is whether your clothes will dry or not. Your clothes will dry in cold weather if you do it properly. Here are some tips for drying your cloth during winter: 

6: Shake Clothes After Washing 

If you are dealing with clothes that can withstand an extra spin, a good laundry tip is to shake them after washing. This will help get rid of surplus water and make drying faster. 

7: Make Space For Drying In The House 

A good way to dry your clothes in winter is by hanging them in an airy area. Air drying protects the garment from wear and tear and keeps the color intact. So, Look for an airy area in your home and place a rack there for drying. Ensure the designated drying area is well ventilated to prevent moisture build-up. 

8: Invest in a Dehumidifier

Clothes absorb more moisture in winter, and this can cause a smelly odor in the clothes. Consider getting a dehumidifier to eliminate excess moisture from the air and get rid of allergens. 

9: Use Fabric Softener 

Using fabric softener or dryer balls can speed up drying and prevent moisture build-up odor. Also, dryer balls reduce creases on a cloth, so you don’t have to iron. 

10: Hang Garments

One of the best drying tricks in winter is drying clothes by hanging. Place them on hangers and hang them on curtain rails or laundry racks with the window open. 

11: Make The Most of Sunny Days

The best time to wash in winter is when the sun is shining. On days when you have a cold and shiny day, do your laundry and keep them outside so they are well aired. 

Laundry Machine Tips: 

Appliances like laundry machines are susceptible to damage during winter. Here are some tips to prevent that from happening: 

12: Keep Your Machine In a Good Spot

If your machine is in a place where the temperature is freezing, like the garage, you risk damaging it. So, keep your laundry machine in a spot where the freezing weather can not affect it. 

13: Don’t Leave Water in The Machine

After using the machine, ensure you completely drain the water. This is to prevent the water from freezing and damaging important units of the machine. 

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