What We Do

Laundry Cleaning

As mentioned above, Laundry cleaning is the process that involves the same process of washing clothes as done commonly in most households. It uses common detergents to wash the clothes at little more than the room temperature. After that, the process involves the drying of clothes and then ironing it with the help of laundry iron that has more heat than the household iron. The high temperature is helpful in killing off the microorganisms and is suitable for normal clothes, but not for expensive or bulky clothes. Laundry service is very cheap when compared to dry washing and most of the stains are removed in the process. Cleaning at high temperature ensures that all the bacteria get killed in the process and the clothes have a fresh smell.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is ideal for expensive clothes or those that require a lot of effort to be washed. It can work well with a machine and there are certain chemicals that are used to clean the clothes. The solvents that are used to remove any kind of stain or dusts are either used prior to the wash or during the wash, depending on the fabric used. Our dry-cleaning service will take care of your special fabrics such as suits, silk sarees, traditional wears and much more. We use special solvents that have met industry standards for removing oil/ grease-based stains and has been proved to be fabric friendly. Dry cleaning does not involve the use of water since many fabrics do not respond well with water and tart losing their color.  The chemicals ensure that there is minimum wear and tear while the washing is going on and there is absolutely no fading of color or bleeding from the clothes. In fact, more often than not, dry washing gives a boost to the life of the clothes making them fresh and less vulnerable to wear and tear.

Express Delivery

If you are the seasoned business traveler with an urgent laundry requirement or have the need to dry clean urgently for the wedding day after, we have an express laundry service at your disposal. We will collect and deliver back your garment within 24 hours and ensure that you catch your deadlines no matter what. Contact us for more details on this service.


At Seven Star Laundry, we realize that our customers have less time in the day to complete all their errands. So, we start offering laundry services at your door steps. Save your precious time by using our free home pick-up & delivery service at absolutely free of cost for all your dry cleaning and laundry services directly from residential buildings and businesses. Call us at +974 4029 2325 & let us know your comfortable timing for collecting the clothes. If you are the owner or management staff of an apartment building, you could provide your tenants with the added luxury of having their dry cleaning and laundry picked up right from the front desk. We provide two day turnaround and great customer service. We believe that providing this luxury service will be an additional selling point for potential and current tenants.

Laundry Contract

At Seven Star Laundry, we undertake