How to Fix SC Error Code on a Samsung Washer

Samsung washers are equipped with error codes in case of malfunctions to enable their proper repair and maintenance. Let’s say you’re doing your laundry and your washer stops spinning and then displays an SC error code.

You’re confused and worried about what it might be. It’s not a thing to worry about. 

That’s why you should always read your washer’s instructions manual to get an idea of the fault. 

What Does SC Signify on a Samsung Washing Machine?

SC Error Code Samsung Washer

Knowledge of different error codes of your Samsung washer is important to be able to fix and maintain your washer for a very long time. 

If you program a laundry cycle and in the middle of it, a code such as SC appears, it simply means that the drainage system of your Samsung washer is not functioning properly.

Most likely, your washer’s pressure switch is defective or maybe the drainpipes are blocked or the control panel is busted.

This does not call for alarm as it’s a fixable issue and does not really require technical assistance. 

SC on your Samsung washer really means 5C. It’s probably the way the ‘S’ is displayed on your washer. 

Why Does SC Appear On Samsung Washer’s Display? 

There are quite a number of reasons why the SC or 5C could be displayed on your Samsung washer. 

Just like other error codes, they each have different causes and effects on the washer. They could be internal or external. 

  • Clogged drainage pipes and filters

Often the main cause of the SC error code, it occurs when the drainage pipes that channel excess water from the drum become clogged. 

Dirt or other objects that may have come from the laundry can cause the filter to become dirty. The weather too might play a factor especially when the pipe is frozen. 

Leaks can occur from an improper connection of pipes upon installation. 

  • Defective control board

The main control center of the washer can also develop some faults. The wires that link the control board to the drainage system can be defective.

The faults in the links result in false indications given to the washer’s pumps. 

It makes the washer not spin quickly, especially for the pressure valve which sends signals indicating when the drum is full.

  • Damaged drain pumps 

The drainage pumps effectively remove water from the washer’s drums. It is part of the washer’s drainage system coupled with the engine, rotors, and filters. 

Like any machine, these parts are prone to damage from clogged filters or bad rotors, or maybe a busted engine. 

When the damage occurs, the washer cannot properly pump out the water and this prompts the SC error code on your washer’s display. 

  • Setting incorrect washing cycles 

When you do the laundry, setting the wash cycle that suits the type of clothing to wash is essential. 

If you incorrectly set your washer to perform slow cycles at reduced velocities, your laundry may soak and leave pools of water in the washer.

Setting the proper wash cycle with increased spin velocity would help drain all the water in the washer.

How to Fix the SC Code on Your Samsung Washer

The Samsung SC code is another in a long list of error codes manufactured to notify the washer’s user of a defect in the drainage system of the washer. These problems could have internal or external roots. 

You can apply these steps below to fix it. 

  • Open your washer’s panel

The first step to fixing the SC issue on your washer is opening the panel of your washer. To do this, you need to disconnect the washer from the power source. 

Then, move the washer away from the wall and position it suitably for proper access. This depends of course on the make of your Samsung washer; whether it’s a front or top loader washing machine. Then loosen the screws securing the panel and remove. 

  • Inspect the drainage systems for leaks and obstructions.

A faulty drainage system is one of the most common reasons your washer displays the SC code.

After you’ve opened the washer, look inside for the drainage pipes and unplug them from the machine. Then, inspect the pipes for any leaks or obstructions along their length.

You can achieve this by running water through the pipe.

If you notice a leak in the pipes, you should replace them immediately. If there is a blockage in the pipes, you can either manually remove it or use high-pressure water to clear it.

Doing so would dislodge the dirt and debris obstructing the pipes. 

  • Examine the drainage pumps and system to discover defects

The washer has got a drainage system that functions during the wash cycle to remove the excess water after washing.

When the washer drum is full of water, the washer opens a kind of pressure lever to release the water into the pipes and outward. 

Locate the washer’s drain pump and examine it to find clogs or damage to the rotors and engine. You can find the pump on the floor of the washer. 

You can use a multimeter to see if there’s any defect in the electrical components of the pump’s engine. Or you can replace them if they turn out to be beyond repair. 

  • Repair the washer’s control board

Your Samsung washer’s control board is responsible for sending signals to the machine’s pumps and drainage system to remove the excess water from the washer drums. 

This component of the washer can be damaged from faults resulting from electrical wirings or mechanical workings in the washer. 

If you discover that it’s the reason for your washer’s SC or 5C display, you might want to replace the damaged parts or probably call for a technician if it is too much for you. 

Ensure that the washer is disconnected from the power source before you try this to avoid injuries. 

  • Reprogram your washer

After doing all this, you can reprogram your Samsung washer by plugging it back onto the power source. Then set the washer to wash your laundry. 

If your Samsung washer still displays the SC issue, you can reset your washer or probably contact Samsung support for assistance. 

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