How to Fix LF Error on a Maytag Washer

Running your laundry through a wash cycle, you may come across the LF error code when your Maytag washer comes to a stop. 

The LF code on the Maytag washer is designed to let you know that your washer needs a fix in the water system. You should fix this error code asap if you want your Maytag washer to last for a long time. 

What Does LF Error Code Mean on a Maytag Washing Machine?

LF Error Code Maytag Washing Machine

The LF code appearing on the Maytag Washer’s display means that the washer is experiencing issues with water flow during the wash cycle.

The washer usually sends this error code when the pressure sensor in the washer fails to perceive water flow into the washer drum. This is probably due to malfunctions and defects in the water pipes or control system. It’s also easy to fix. 

Why Am I Seeing LF On My Maytag Washer? 

The LF error code, like other error codes, indicates a problem with the washer’s operation. It actually stands for “Long Fill.”

The following are some of the possible causes of the LF error code. 

  • Problems with the water pipes and drain hoses

When running a laundry cycle, an adequate volume of water is needed to fulfill this function. If the water’s not enough or it takes too long to fill the drum within a specific time, the control board senses it and sends the LF code.

It could be due to leaking pipes and drain hoses, a faulty connection of the pipes, or probably even a defective water flow valve. 

  • Pressure sensor malfunction

The LF doesn’t mean that water doesn’t fill the drums, rather it means that it takes too long to fill them. 

This issue might be due to the switch of the pressure sensor controlling the valve being damaged. 

It also may be clogging filling up the pressure hose on the washer. 

Either way, there is no detection of the water flow into the drum. 

  • Clogged pipe filters

Pipes being what they are bound to get clogged in them. 

The filters on the pipes help to remove the accumulated dirt and small objects that may have been washed up in the drum.

They can become filled and blocked resulting in less water filling the washer drum, hence the LF code. 

How Do I Resolve The LF Error Code On A Maytag Washer?

If your Maytag washer suddenly displays this error code when you set out to do your laundry. It’s no reason to get afraid.

Like all error codes, they’re fixable and you might even save some cash because you can do it yourself. 

  • Turn off the power supply

First things first, you do not want to get shocked or get your arm badly injured.

That’s why it’s important to turn off the power supply to your Maytag washer. 

Also, it’s going to help prevent any more electrical and mechanical damage to the washing machine. 

  • Turn off also the water supply

Next up, you should also turn off the water supply to the washer since it’s a water flow issue. Then disconnect the pipes for hot and cold water. Sometimes, they may not be connected properly and may be the cause of the LF code.

It’s best to perform a diagnostic check on them. If they are indeed damaged, you can repair or replace them if they are badly damaged. 

After that, you can properly reconnect them.

  • Examine the water lines leading to the drums for any faults

Check the water pipes and drain hoses for leaks and obstructions that could prevent water from flowing.

Disconnect the pipes and send high-pressure water through them to resolve leaks.

Also, ensure that the pipe’s length meets the standard minimum, which for Maytag washers is around 114mm. Check for any bends in the pipes and drain hoses before reconnecting them.

  • Clean the pipe filters 

After, examining the pipes, clean the pipes and their filters and remove any dirt acquired from soaps, softener residues, chemicals, little objects, and so on. 

Then place them back on the pipe after you’ve ascertained that they’re not going to cause any problems. 

  • Repair or replace the pressure sensor

The pressure sensor in the Maytag washer detects the water flow to the drum. The switch controlling it stops the flow whenever the level of water reaches the parameters set for any kind of laundry cycle. 

When this sensor is faulty, the washer cannot read the level of water flow into the drums. False signals are sent to the control board which facilitates the LF code.

To resolve this, examine the sensor and test it using a multimeter. If it’s badly damaged, it’s time to replace it. 

  • Reset your washer

Now, reset your washer and run a diagnostic maintenance cycle. 

Turn off the washer for a few minutes to allow the extra current to dissipate from the washer circuits. Then power it back.

You can also check the Maytag washer manual to know how to do this. 

To clear the error code, twice push the “pause” button and the “cancel” button once. Then repower your washer. You can read a lot about it here

If the error code is still displaying, then I recommend you call for a technician to look at it. 

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